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Ayse Tutuncu Uclusu

AYT Tütüncü : piano
Yahya Dai : soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Ođuz Büyükberber : bass clarinet, Side B klarinetb hand  Piano Percussion Group ‘with to continue to play our Ayta tobacconist 2004 A new group in the West, a  trio  founded; In this trio, there are two musicians with whom he has been making music for years in the Piano Percussion project: Si b  and bass clarinet Oğuz Büyükberber, soprano and tenor saxophone Yahya Dai. In the album of Panayır  (EMI / Blue Note) released in 2005, Üçlü has been giving concerts since March 2004, and Ayşe Tütüncü’s specially for this group composition; He is playing his new compositions for “two windings and one piano”.

The arrangements are based on the relationship between the two wind instruments and each other and the piano. Usually the soprano saxophone and bass clarinet, from time to time, the instrument is  replaced and the Si b clarinet and tenor saxophone are paired. The character of the music can be described as a blend of classical western music, jazz and local music, in a style unique to Ayşe Tütüncü. In addition, among the compositions, there is also a comment from Astor Piazzolla and Carla Bley, organized by the pianist according to this trio … the improvisations belong to the moment of playing as always…